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lip tattooing

Lip tattooing has really blown up over the last few years and for a very good reason! Read on to learn more about our second most popular service.


This semi-transparent technique is suitable for women who have lost definition in their lip line due to to ageing, smoking or lip filler. It is also for women that have quite pale lips and would like the colour restored for an everyday wash of colour similar to a lip tint. It is an alternative to lip fillers as stimulation increases collagen in the skin which can make lips appear more full. Results lasts between 2-3 years depending on depth of colour chosen. Bring your favourite colour lipstick in and our talented artist will colour match it for you!

Investment: $600

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Pigment is pixelated into the lips creating a “lipstick look” when healed. This style is more suited if you like to wear makeup every day and/or have a favourite lipstick you would love to make permanent. This style also tends to last a little longer than lip blush being that more pigment is implanted. Bring your favourite colour lipstick in and our talented artist will colour match it for you!

Investment: $650

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To keep your Brow colour looking fresh, we recommend an annual refresh of your tattoo for consistent long term results. Though permanent, the cosmetic tattoo pigment is designed to slowly fade from the skin over time. Please ensure your brows are at least 50% faded before you book your refresh.

Investment: $400

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For existing clients of Bella Cosmetic Tattoo that have previous work that needs re-doing. If your brows or lips have faded considerably (around 75%) this is the time you may be able to change styles if you choose and do any colour correction that may be necessary. We look forward to seeing you again and thank you for your ongoing support!

Investment: $450

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Using a mild acidic solution (glycolic acid) that is readily accepted by the skin, and able to dissolve/remove pigment from the epidermis, our cosmetic tattoo expert is able to remove/lighten your cosmetic tattoos safely and effectively. Please note: Multiple removal sessions may be required and prices listed are per session. This technique is perfect for the following: •Removing / Lightening / Lifting previous PMU procedures (brows, lips etc) •Fading unwanted pigment •Brow Shape alteration •Removing / Lifting unwanted strokes (Microblading or machine hair strokes ) •Suitable for: Brows, Lips, Camouflage, Scalp & Areola, etc. Please book a Tattoo Removal Consultation before booking these appointments.

Investment: $150

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"Extremely hygienic, efficient, friendly and professional!"

Tarryn at Bella Cosmetic Tattoo is in a league of her own. She takes pride in all she does and no corner is cut. Extremely hygienic, efficient, friendly and professional!
I was so amazed and impressed with my powder brows I couldn't stop looking at them.
Thank you so much Tarryn you are so talented at what you do.

- Kylie

"She is one very talented lady" 

"I  highly recommend Taryn she has so much knowledge and experience. have had my brows tattooed twice before both times bye different artists and I can say neither compared to Taryn's work the care and attention to detail from Taryn has been outstanding. She is one very talented lady and she makes the time spent in the salon pass so quickly with her beautiful caring nature. My mother has also had her brows done and to say we are both happy is an understatement."

- Gene-Marie

"I have never met anyone with so much compassion and detail to work as Tarryn." 

"1 was highly recommended to see Tarryn @ Bella Cosmetic Tattooing for lip tattooing. I have had the most wonderful experience with my treatments with Tarryn. I have never met anyone with so much compassion and detail to work as Tarryn.
Tarryn always follows up with my lip tattooing and is so caring.
I highly recommend Tarryn for all beauty treatments"

- Jan

"Listened to what I wanted and perfected it." 

"Taryn was amazing. Listened to what I wanted and perfected it. I would recommend Bella Cosmetic Tattoo to anyone."


"I won't be going anywhere else to get any cosmetic tattooing work done" 

I am so thrilled with the results of my eyebrow tattoo. They look so natural. Tarryn has attention to detail and really high standards for her work. I was very impressed by how important hygiene and sanitation were to her, which is something that's also very important to me with things like this.
My eyebrows healed so quickly and the whole thing was painless. After such a great experience I know I won't be going anywhere else to get any cosmetic tattooing work done, and I'm recommending her to my friends. I'll be getting her to do my lip colour soon as I'm so impressed with the great, natural results and minimal down time.

- Kelly

"5 star professional" 

"Superb! Tarryn is 5 star professional and her skills are exceptional. wouldn't go anywhere else."

- Toni

"Tarryn is amazing " 

"Taryn is amazing and calm to handle the customer. I highly recommended."

- Snooky